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Catholic News and Blogpost Roundup for January 30, 2012

Bishop Alexander Sample instructs young people on myths and facts about Vatican II
at the Call to Holiness Conference this past fall.  He was great with the kids. 

It's been a long time since I've done one of these "roundup" posts.  I'll try to do one once weekly.  These cannot be all-encompassing and I trust people are already visiting, on a daily basis, news sites like Catholic Culture and great portals like New Advent which scoop up some of the best leading headlines and commentaries around, along with Vatican Radio, among others.


Bishop Alexander Sample will be leaving Michigan to become the archbishop of Portland, Oregon.  Father Z has the video of the powerful homily he gave at Assumption Grotto following the Call to Holiness Conference in October at the first Pontifical High Mass in anyone's memory.  Michigan's loss is Oregon's gain. Here is the announcement at the Diocese of Marquette.  Over at the homepage of the Archdiocese of Portland, you will find a number of things, including video from the presser.


Pope Benedict XVI explores: What it means to call God, "Father," in his weekly audience.


It's been a while since I visited the Vultus Christi blog.  It is written by Dom Mark Daniel Kirby, the Conventual Prior of Silverstream Priory in Stamullen, Ireland.  They had their beginnings under Bishop Slattery in Tulsa.  Dom Mark has written a post that should be read and contemplated by all.  In it he discusses Catholic Schadenfreude.  He begins his post, thus:

I grieve over the prevalence of the culture of Schadenfreude that modern technology facilitates. Schadenfreude is a kind of perverse delight taken in the weaknesses, falls from grace, or misfortunes of another. Why is there a frenzied rush, even among some Catholics, to point to the latest scandal, to comment on it, and discuss it? What is there in us that prompts us to take a morose delight in uncovering the sins of others? 
He then explores some interesting stories from the Desert Fathers.  Go read his excellent post, Sitting on the Basket.


Over at Life News is an awesome piece discussing the pro-life movement.  I was able to listen via the iPhone some of the speakers at the March for Life and I heard the man in the interview - Ryan Bomberger speak.  He was powerful, confident and cordial. You have got to read this post and watch this interview, captured from the very liberal MSNBC.  This is a complete takedown of an anchor's attempt to bait the pro-lifer.  There's actually some good footage of the March for Life too, showing the vast numbers.  I never expected that from MSNBC.  Censorship has plagued the television media on the March for Life which has gone out of it's way to downplay or ignore the event, which can draw as many as 500,000, mostly young people.  

Msgr. Charles Pope discusses the distorted poll talked about in that interview, as well.  


Bishop Finn in Kansas City did a take down of the dissenting rag, the National Catholic Reporter, which has lately gone by many other casual names (i.e., National catholic Distorter, National catholic Fishwrap, Non-catholic Reporter, and now, the National Schismatic Reporter).  The paper spends a lot of ink promoting things that are clearly out of harmony with Catholic teaching, and positions itself as a pseudo-magisterium against the bishops.  Blogging canonist Ed Peters thought Bishop Finn was too nice.  I thought so too before even reading his opinion.  Now, the Non-catholic Reporter has written a response to Bishop Finn's position.  Father Z fisks it in, Fishwrap - Starting to stink in the noonday sun.   

I see LarryD at Acts of the Apostasy has a list of the 10 names for the NCReporter.  


Terry Nelson is brief and to the point on Holy Communion.  What he suggests is advocated generously by the priests at Assumption Grotto.  Of the many things we enjoy at the parish is the near total silence before and after Mass, something that we probably take for granted.  


Elizabeth Scalia, in First Things, explores: How do we respond to, "So, what?"  I guess the expression hit her too many times this week from the Benghazi hearings to dismissive talk about the life snuffed out in abortion.  


Deacon Greg Kandra reports on Colleen Carroll Campbell's move to EWTN where she will anchor a daily news show.  This is the first I'm hearing about a daily news show. I'm assuming it's something new.   I hope so.  I've always thought EWTN should have a daily news show that covers Catholic News.  The World Over Live is not so much a news show, but an evening journal.  Vaticano covers news from the Vatican, but the network needs something that covers the fast pace of Catholic news.  Not everyone is in to scouring the internet for what's going on.   It will be good to see Colleen on EWTN regularly.  Matt Archbold at CMR thinks so too.  


Over at the National Catholic Register (the more trustworthy NCR), Jimmy Akin talks about the Presentation of Our Lord, which is coming up Saturday.  It's also referred to as Candlemas.  Candles will be blessed at Assumption Grotto Saturday and you can pick up a box after Mass for a small donation.  


This Saturday is First Saturday.  There are two Masses on the first Saturday of every month with a special Mass for the local, secular Carmelite community at 8:30 following the regular 7:30 AM Mass.  

Like the daily Mass, the monthly 8:30 AM Mass  follows the 1962 Missal.  Priests are always present for Confessions at these times (yes, Confessions can be heard during Mass, but it's best to get there a little early).  So, this allows for First Saturday Devotions.  Of course, there are Confessions at 2:30 running until at least 3:30 and sometimes up until the 4:00 PM Mass which, at Grotto, is the St. Monica Sodality Mass.  If you want to bring loved ones back to the faith, attend this Mass if you can.   

Sunday will feature the blessing of throats.   Grotto K of C is having it's monthly pancake breakfast in the gym following the 9:30 and Noon Masses.  It's cheap and it's good food, and the funds support the parish. 


On Saturday, March 9, Holy Trinity Apostolate is having their Lenten Symposium at Ss Cyril & Methodius.  They always put on a good show.  See the press release here. You can buy tickets at the door, but it's probably best to bring a bagged lunch in such a case. 

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