Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Snapshot: Pope Sends Series of 3 Tweets

The Holy Father sent out a series of three tweets this morning (around Noon in Rome) using his new Twitter handle @Pontifex (  I will note that about 15 minutes before did that there were just over 675,000 followers and, as you can see in my snapshot, he added some 15,000 when I began that post a few minutes ago. When I just went to grab his homepage URL, it was up almost another 5000. 

The Holy Father is tweeting in 8 languages.  You can see the other accounts here.

If you want to follow the Pope just open up a free account and follow him!  

Those on Twitter may want to subscribe to my lists of bishops.  I have broken them off into two separate lists - US and Non-US.  If you subscribed previously, you may want to double-check that you weren't dropped when I renamed it.  There are 20 US bishops tweeting and I have a list of 8 Non-US bishops. That list sticks mainly with those bishops who use at least some english.  Tweet me if I am missing anyone.  I added Pope Benedict to both lists.  By looking at the members of each list, you can follow individually, as well.  The beauty of following a list is that you can see in one click, the latest tweets by members of that list. 

I'm considering a third list of Non-US bishops that are in other languages.  

Here is video captured by Rome Reports of the Pope sending out his first Tweet. 

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