Friday, December 28, 2012

British tabloid takes Medjugorje case from hands of the Holy See...

Festiwal w Medjugorje

Well, sort of...

The UK's Mail Online has made a public declaration on Medjugorje:

 " Christmas approaches, it seems increasingly certain that Medjugorje and its millions of believers are to get an unexpected present. A Papal Commission is getting ready to do something the Church has refused for more than three decades – and announce, finally, that the visions are authentic. At a stroke, the most controversial shrine in the Western world will become ‘official’. It is in its own way a miracle."

Such a presumptuous claim confirms my fears that underwater basket-weaving has taken the place of classes on ethics in journalism.   Why bother with objective facts when you can dazzle people with subjective innuendo and intellectual dishonesty? Why not wait for the Holy Father to complete his discernment of the Medjugorje Commission's report and, "as Supreme Head of the Church, pronounce a clear message?"

Kevin Symonds offers his analysis of the British tabloid's piece at Catholic Lane: "Inaccurate reporting on Medjugorje is a Disservice to all Catholics"

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