Saturday, April 14, 2012

The US Bishops are Hosting a Catholic Blog Meet!

The Vatican hosted a "Blog Meet" last year with bloggers from around the world. 

GOTCHA!!!  I knew that title would get you here!

I'm a firm believer that if we start such a rumor, someone may actually make it happen.  LOL.

Father Z talks about how the US bishops are asking Catholic bloggers to get the word out about religious liberty.

When the Obama Administration began to attack the 1st Amendment, Catholic bloggers rose up.
When the U.S. Bishops called for rallies for religious freedom, Catholic bloggers posted links and dates and places.
When the USCCB and Card. Dolan and Bp. Lori made statements or gave interviews, Catholic bloggers spread the word.
Catholic bloggers are to the establishment and the dissident Catholic media what talk radio and cable are to the old time news and entertainment establishment.
The great majority of Catholic bloggers would (and perhaps might have to) go to the wall for the Catholic bishops in a good cause and with good leadership.

Father Z looks at an article in Life News, then makes an interesting proposal:  A Catholic Blog Meet, hosted by US Bishops, the way the Holy See hosted the Vatican Blog Meet.  I think it's a grand idea!

I second his proposal!  There is something about face-to-face contact, and open discussion that builds bridges and diffuses tensions where they may exist.  Father Z opines, in an intratext comment on a sentence in the Life News article (in red text):

Relations between Catholic bloggers and Church officials have at times been quite strained as the new media has developed in the last couple years. Some prelates, clergy, and chancery officials have expressed strong reservations about the Catholic blogosphere, with some even speaking quite derogatorily. [Is that a fact?  I am willing to let bygones be bygones.]

Rather than duplicate the whole thing here, go to Father Z's post and read his "fisking" of the Life News article with additional comments, links, and ... his ever lively combox.

If you didn't see these newly released things at the USCCB, you will want to take a few minutes out of your day and read them.... slowly, and carefully.  Then, let others know about them. 

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