Monday, April 9, 2012

Photos from St. John Cantius on Easter Sunday

I received an email from Br. Joshua Caswell, SJC with links to photos taken during Holy Week and on Easter Sunday.  If you want to see some real, liturgical eye-candy, take a look.  Below are just two of the many photos from Easter Sunday.  Note as you go through the photos the relative age of those in attendance.  My observation is that wherever we see these classical, traditional liturgies, we find young people and big families.

  • Easter Sunday Pics 
  • Holy Week Pics (Note: For those using their lunch hour at work to view these, music will begin playing immediately, so you might want to mute the sound before clicking).
St. John Cantius is in Chicago, so if you are visiting or passing through, go to Mass there!!!  They celebrate ordinary and extraordinary forms.  Consult their schedule.  

At the pulpit in the lower left corner in the photo below is Fr. Frank Phillips, the founder and superior of the Order of Canons Regular of St. John Cantius.  Fr. Phillips will be in Detroit to speak at the Call to Holiness on October. 13, 2012.   Save the date. 

Assumption Grotto has one member pursuing his vocation with the Cantians: Br. Matthew Schuster.  Please keep him and all seminarians in your prayers.

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