Saturday, April 21, 2012

LCWR and the Flashpoint of Change in Religious Communities in the U.S.

I just read a fascinating post by Kathy Schiffer which sheds some historical light on why certain Religious think the way they do, which is often not with the mind of the Church.  I was blown away and am surprised I had not known about this sooner.  Go read Kathy's post:

William Coulson and the LCWR: “We Overcame Their Traditions and Their Faith”

Sidebar: I was looking for a photo to put at the top of this post when I stumbled upon this image at the site of the Benedictines of Erie. I found it on this page, which the following explanation:

Seasons of the Spirit 
No – it is not a typo! After 100 weekends of Spirit of the Seasons retreats held at Mount Saint Benedict Monastery, you are now invited to participate in a new series entitled Seasons of the Spirit. With a “twist” of words yet still full of “spirit”, Sister Carolyn Gorny-Kopkowski, OSB has birthed something new and exciting! Carol Comstock and other Benedictine Oblates/professionals will assist in these gatherings at the Mount in Erie. There will be opportunities for prayer/meditation/solitude; presentations; shared wisdom; creative leisure; physical activity and celebrations (similar to the style of the past 100 SOS retreats).
With 25 years of retreat experience and a Master’s Degree in Creation-Centered Spirituality, Sr. Carolyn is inspired by the following words:
"Spirituality is about developing the courage, the determination, to commit ourselves to living all the dimensions of life with awareness and strength, with depth and quality." - Joan Chittister, OSB
There you have it - an example of why the Holy See had to act!  If anyone tells you the CDF's actions are political, it is they who are politicizing an internal Church matter. This is 50 years over due.

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