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About that LCWR Doctrinal Assessment...

Sr. Joan Chittester, OSB and Archbishop J. Peter Sartain of Seattle
Archbishop Peter Sartain of Seattle, Washington, who was appointed Delegate to oversee the renewal of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, echoed what was on the first page of the Doctrinal Assessment.  See his statement at the National Catholic Register in Archbishop Sartain Praises Women Religious as a 'Great Gift' to the Church.

Fr. Lombardi: CDF has been treated unjustly

I missed this the other day.  The Vatican's spokesman, Fr. Lombardi spoke (emphasis mine in bold; comments in red):

A spokeswoman for the LCWR said its leadership would not be granting interviews until after a wider consultation with its members in May. 

The Vatican spokesman, Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi, said the doctrinal congregation "appreciates that (the leaders of the conference) have so far limited themselves to a single official statement and have not expressed other specific complaints." 

But Father Lombardi said the congregation believed that it had been treated "a bit unjustly" with the suggestion that the sisters had been taken entirely by surprise by the assessment. [I'll bet they weren't expecting to be called out on that]

The LCWR later revised its initial statement, adding that "we had received a letter from the CDF prefect in early March informing us that we would hear the results of the doctrinal assessment at our annual meeting; however, we were taken by surprise by the gravity of the mandate." [Oh? So were the rest of us, but not quite in the same way. Very clear communications are always helpful]


Stephen P. White, at The Catholic Thing, looks at the intellectual dishonesty of journalists and others over their reporting on the Doctrinal Assessment of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious.

The Anchoress picked up an audio interview between John Allen (who is a very good, objective Catholic reporter working at a very problematic, catholic media outlet), Sister Simone Campbell of NETWORK (named in the Doctrinal Assessment), and Donna Bethell of Christendom College (remember her?)

Fr. Philip Powell, OP has an excellent post on the LCWR, digging out of his archives some analysis he did on four keynote addresses at LCWR assemblies.

In other News...

Father Z has an interesting piece up about something happening in the Diocese of Madison, Wisconsin.

Over at Abbey-Roads, Terry Nelson discusses Our Lady of Good Counsel

Are Catholics good protestors?  Matt Archbold doesn't think so (pretty creative piece)

And, Jennifer Fulwiler says Mommy-Wars are sooooooo 1990's

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