Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ripped from the Catholic Headlines - Tuesday Edition

Today is the feast of St. Luke the Evangelist. One thing I noticed in looking over artwork for this apostle, is that he is often depicted with a winged-bull.  I didn't have time to look it up, so I would ask my readers to chime in.  What is the story behind this?

Here are a few topics floating around....

The Holy Father explains the need for a "Year for Faith"
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Msgr. Charles Pope is blogging: On The “Noninfallibilists” and How They Diminish Virtues of Docility and Obedience.  The blogging monsignor also has a post up, of interest: On Being Rich in What Matters to God – A Reflection on Our Often Wrongful Priorities.

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Thugs who were part of "occupy Rome" decided to take it out on a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Taylor Marshall shows a picture and offers a useful suggestion: Five First Saturdays.  Father Z talks about the many protests in Rome, as well.  Reporter Charles Gasparino decided to take a stroll through "occupiers" in New York.  Is it Marxist?  You decide.  See his story and a video at the bottom.  

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In Oklahoma, a cancer patient trades her life so her baby could survive

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Yesterday was the feast of St. Ignatius of Antioch.  Fr. Ryan Erlenbush discusses the authority of bishops in the writings of St. Ignatius.  There is an interesting dialogue taking place in the combox.

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At the National Catholic Register, Joan Frawley Desmond is talking about:  HHS Ends Contract With Church Program for Trafficking Victims, Stressing Need for Contraception 

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Dr. Gerard Nadal continues his Novena for Jon Scharfenberger and others injured in a head-on collision that claimed the lives Kortney Blythe Gordon and her unborn baby, Sophy, as well as the other driver.  Kortney was the National Field Director for Students for Life.  They were returning from a pro-life conference in Georgia just over a week ago when the accident happened.   For more on Jon who is fighting for his life, read this initial post on him by Gerry.  Please keep all concerned in your prayers.

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Below is a snapshot of another petulant "tweet" and facebook entry offered by Fr. Pavone (the latter of which has 42 comments revealing that it was taken as a veiled snipe at his own bishop).  It was made on the feast of St. Teresa of Avila. 

Fr. Pavone was a "no show" at a meeting set up by Bishop Zurek for October 13th.  It was learned the next day that it was on the advice of his canon lawyer that he not go the meeting without mediation.  Blogging canonist Ed Peters explores the use of mediation in such cases.  The question is, what kind of mediation is he looking for?  It seems that the very pro-life Bishop Gracida agrees with Dr. Peters .... at least the exclamation points he put up when copying the text over to his blog usually signals agreement and he gave Ed's post four of them.  In the title of his post, Bishop Gracida asks, "What is there to mediate?"

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