Friday, October 21, 2011

A reminder: read my Twitter Feed to see what I'm reading...

Hi Folks,

There's been so much happening lately I have not had much time for blogging. However, I do go in to Twitter several times daily to see what's happening, and I "retweet". Or, if I am reading a news story, I click the "Tweet" button and it ends up in my feed.

Go here to read my feed.  Click and scroll. You can always get to it through my sidebar right near the top under, "My other accounts".  Here it is for your convenience.!/TeDeumBlog.  Especially when you don't see me blogging, click that feed and scroll to see what's happening out there. 

I don't see a need to comment on every story, but I do like to pass along the news.

Do you need to have a Twitter account to read my Twitter feed? No.  However, opening a Twitter account, even if you keep it a private account so no one can see your tweets, it allows you to follow other feeds in one convenient place.   This includes bloggers like myself and many other Catholic bloggers, but also other sources.  If you like news, sports, or whatever, there are people out there tweeting on it and once you find someone and follow them, you find others with similar interests.

Pray for me today as I include you in my prayers.

For interesting news items I don't have time to blog on, check out my Twitter Feed: @TeDeumBlog

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