Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pope Benedict XVI tells university teachers to convey love for knowledge and truth

I learned some time ago, that not everything the Holy Father says is translated into English. When you look at the Angelus in different languages, you will find this to be especially true, even moreso, when he addresses something to a particular language group after the Angelus.   For example, go in this list to September 4, 2011 and click on the German link.  Scroll to view all that is there, then come back and look at the English, and other languages for the same date.

Louis Belanger caught something from the October 2, 2011 Angelus*.  Something he briefly said to the the French is not found in the English version.  While it is a message to university teachers about knowledge and truth, I think the message is true for anyone who passes on the faith. Many thanks for Louis' translation of this.

I'll let you read it at his blog, where he has embedded video, as well.

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