Friday, October 7, 2011

Bishop Zurek will meet with Fr. Pavone on October 13

In a letter released to the public yesterday, Bishop Zurek affirmed his pro-life position and said that a private meeting would take place on October 13th between him and Fr. Pavone.

Read the full text at the Diocese of Amarillo.

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1 comment:

Lili said...

Sadly, far too many folks have been so hungry to hear a strong, or any pro-life homily from their pastors. I beleive this has led to a totally uncritical mindset about Fr Pavone. While I admit he has been a great pro-life preacher, he is not alon!. There are many good priests who preach with power and truth all over America. I travel a lot in my job working at universities, and I have been blessed to meet many of these men!

Fr Frank is not above being caught up in his own publicity. Some of which seems to suggest that he , and he alone has devoted his life to the pro-life cause. That is an insult to the many annonymous priest, nuns and laity that have done the same within their vocation or place in life. I have personally hear him say that others do pro-life work as a sort of hobby! Shame on you, Fr Pavone!

Father is not the only one called to such a sacrifice, but he is famous for it! That may not be so good for his spiritual life. I am begining to think that is what Bishop Z. is really concerned about.

Meanwhile, excellent pro-life work continues to be donme while Fathjer is being aske3d to be still and pray.

40 Days for Life is successfully saving lives everyday this month!
Countless volunteers at PRC’s are working to giive Mom’s and their babies a hopeful future.
Student’s for Life of America is creating a force for life on campuses across America.

Most importantly laws are being developed and passed in Washington and the states by National Right to Life and it’s state groups every day while Fr Frank is staying where his Bishop put him.

The Protect Life Act will save thousands/millions of Babies lives by preventing abortion funding under Obama Care. This law was developed by NRLC and it was their staff, not PPL that brought it through Congress. Now they need our help to press the Senate! That would be a better place to send a letter right now, not Amarillo! for more info.

Father has done a wonderful job waking the faithful, but right now he should wait upon the Lord. It may be the best thing for his future here and in heaven. If his work is of God it will continue. All this clamor about how indespensible he is will just prove to the bishops that for his opwn good Fr Frank needs some down time!

I would think that what he was trying to do was to inspire the rest of us to make the system work! So let’s pray for Father, then go get busy!