Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Assumption 2011 Photos are coming...

Assumption Grotto's men of the altar, singing the Lourdes Hymn as people continue to process back to the Grotto area 

I'm in edit mode, folks.  Bear with me.  I have a lot of work ahead of me and it has already been started.   Soon, you will get to see pictures from Assumption Day 2011 at Assumption Grotto.  It was a most blessed day.  

In the meanwhile, here are some interesting reads around the Catholic digital continent:
  • The Pope Benedict XVI says that the Feast of Mary's Assumption gives us hope for the future (via CNA). 



    • Kevin Symonds has been hard at work for some years on a controversial figure, Ann the Lay Apostle. There are some interesting developments in recent weeks on her case, with two key backers - Fr. Kevin Scallon and Sr. Briege McKenna - publicly distancing themselves.  See the lastest article by Kevin at Catholic Lane:  Deception for Our Times? Questioning Ann a Lay Apostle.

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