Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pope Benedict Announces New Portal for Vatican News... via Twitter on iPad

Cute .... The Holy Father using an iPad to kick off the Vatican's new portal for news.   This is just to help with the flow of news, and if you are in an English speaking country, or know English, you are fortunate.  It seems the two main languages right now are Italian and English. I believe others will follow.

The site will likely be bug-prone as are most new launches (note the "Beta" in the far right of the icon), so be patient.  Also, from what I understand, the site does not yet have an archive system, so stories will only be there for a limited time.  Keep that in mind if you link to something and perhaps look for an alternate news service if you want the information to remain with your post more indefinitely.

This new site combines several news-related functions into one place (click on the tabs), but the original site is still there where you will find archives of the Holy Father's various addresses and homilies, etc.

Go check it out, click around, "Like" them on Facebook (upper right hand corner), follow them on Twitter, etc. 

In any, it's a nice start.  And, even the secular press is taking notice that, as shown in the pic at top, Pope Benedict announced the launch o the new site on with a Tweet on an iPad.  Follow Vatican News on Twitter @news_va_en

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