Friday, January 21, 2011

Blog Design Underway

UPDATE: I've discovered I am not alone... it is a blogger bug of some kind and it has been escalated to Google Engineering.  So, I'll just wait before adding the header pic. I'm also very short on time the last few days and do have some material coming.... soon.

If you encounter strange formatting changes here on Te Deum Laudamus, it is because.....

I am taking down my Christmas decorations and revising the theme.  There seems to be a problem with the tool which uploads header photos.  It is shrinking 980 wide photo down to - very tiny in the lower left corner.  Do you think I would have saved my template before I started tinkering with it? Of course not ...... this never happened before. 

Bear with me.  I'll get it.  However, if someone can figure out where this is in the source, I'd appreciate it.  It's like looking for a needle in the haystack.  Obviously, my pic is not coming through as a 980 or 1182 (two versions I used).

Arghhh!  This was suppose to take 10 minutes over an hour ago.

Update 11:30pm - After over 2 hours of doing what has taken me only 10 minutes in the past... I give up - I'm going to bed.  The tool is broke.  Using one option shrinks my 980 x 563 pic down to about 20% of what it should be in reality.  Using another option, to use a pic instead of pic gives me the right size, but it appears blurry (like a photo at 20% being increased to something much too large). 

I've learned that if I wait long enough, other people will report the problem and I can go in and do my thing... hopefully soon. I'll check the bulletin boards tomorrow.  I don't know enough about html to go in and look at what is happening in the source to cause this.  I do know, it has never happened before.

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