Friday, December 3, 2010

Skimming the Catholic Headlines on December 3, 2010

" While the state's Catholic governor Pat Quinn said his faith prompted him to support the bill, his bishop [Thomas Paprocki of Springfield, IL]  has warned that the governor's actions clearly contradict Church teaching" - CNA
 About Twitter for those unfamiliar

The above story is my top link below. Before we get to some good reads today, I want to explain Twitter and how I use it.  Twitter is a microblogger.  It use to be that many of us would make news lists like the one I had below in our blogs. But, this is time consuming.  When Twitter came out, we began to use it to pass along daily Catholic news items. Bloggers, including myself have embedded the feed to make it easy on readers to scroll and click the links to the news or blog sources.

Each morning, and often on my lunch hour, and in the evening, I will go to Twitter and see what news items others are tweeting.  So, when you come to my blog, don't just look at what I am posting, go to the Twitter feed in my sidebar and scroll to see what's hot.  It's impossible to blog on everything.   

Something else that is interesting is what happens on Fridays.  We have a "follow friday" or "ff" in which we drop a bunch of other Twitter names we want to recommend.  There are Catholic journalists, news organizations, Archdioceses, priests, religious, and many laypeople using Twitter.  You can see whom I have recommended today in two #ff tweets in this snapshot (it's just a picture, so go to the feed in my sidebar and scroll to find if necessary, then click on their names).

This is just a snapshot :D
If you hit the actual twitter name at the bottom or "Join the conversation" it will take you right to my profile and feed on Twitter.
You don't need a Twitter account to read feeds.  However, if you do open up a free account, you can follow others with one click. You not only get their tweets, but what they are retweeting from others.

Here is a sampling of interesting topics I have tweeted or retweeted last night and this morning...

On that last one, Jimmy Akin observes the impeccable timing in which the Holy Father is offering catechesis on authentic mystics and signs of their authenticity, as we await word on Medjugorje. 


Today is First Friday and Adoration at Grotto moves from the small chapel to the main parish Church.  The "light" hours when people are needed are mid-morning and from 3-5.

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