Friday, December 31, 2010

Te Deum laudamus; te Dominum confitemur! (EWTN airing First Vespers of Thanksgiving with Pope Benedict)

In a few minutes, EWTN will be airing the First Vespers of Thanksgiving, live from Rome.  It is the vigil of the Solemnity of the Mother of God. (see re-broadcast times in the pic below)

It is also traditional, at this Vespers of Thanksgiving to sing the Te Deum laudamus; te Dominum confitemur, after which this blog is named.  See my 2008 post with the words of this beautiful prayer, links, and some interesting background.

You can watch it on EWTN if you have the cable station, otherwise, go to EWTN and watch or listen to it streaming online.  

Also, if you go to - a site which carries all or most of the hours of the Divine Office (breviary) daily, click on Vespers.  Vespers, or evening prayer considers what is happening the following day, in this case, the Solemnity of the Mother of God. 

EDIT: Go to the page for 2010 Homilies at the Vatican website where we will soon see the homily uploaded in various languages. It is currently avaiable in Italian.


What better way to bring in the New Year than honoring the Mother of God then getting together for post-Midnight celebrations in the school. January first is a holy day of obligation...

However, in the diocese of the United States:

Whenever January 1, the solemnity of Mary, Mother of God, or August 15, the solemnity of the Assumption, or November 1, the solemnity of All Saints, falls on a Saturday or on a Monday, the precept to attend Mass is abrogated.

Grotto-goers, and many other Catholics around the US, have never let dispensations from obligation to go to Mass on solemnities get in the way of the freedom to go to Mass on solemnities - when they can find a Mass.

Tonight at Assumption Grotto, at 11:00pm, there will be a vigil Mass for the Solemnity of the Mother of  God.

Before the evening ends, Fr. Perrone will lead the people in the singing of the Te Deum laudamus, te Dominum confitemur.  Other prayers, including the Holy Rosary, will follow the Mass until about 12:20/12:30 at which time those in attendance go over to the school gym for a post-Midnight celebration of the New Year.  If you can, take a dish to pass. There is secured parking.

Te Deum "Turbo-charged"
My most favorite version of the Te Deum laudamus; te Dominum confitemur has to be the one by Berlioz.  It is this movement specifically: H. Berlioz - (1/7) Te Deum, Op. 22 - I. Te Deum (Abbado)

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