Saturday, December 4, 2010

Austrian MP goes off on Turkish Ambassador over double-standard, Christian persecution

Austrian MP Ewald Stadler (left) and Turkish Ambassador Ecvat Tezcan (right)

Unless you know German, you have to watch the English subtitles. I know little about MP Ewald Stadler of Austria, other than he is Catholic. I can only judge what I see in this video on it's face. There are some things here, said in a moment of passion that I think were imprudent, and I don't believe in broadbrushing every person of one ethnicity or religion.  What I do agree with him on is what he says about the double standard and "tolerance romanticism", as well as what he says about human rights violations in Turkey.

This video is making it's way around the globe and gaining steam in popularity.  Muslims complain about discrimination when living abroad in non-Muslim countries while at the same time Christians are losing liberty, life and limb in Muslim-ruled places, including Turkey. He then raises the human rights issues - especially against women in Turkey, such as a case where a 16 year old girl was buried alive by her father and grandfather for talking with boys.

The Turkish Ambassador had been vocally complaining in the media, getting the dander up of not a few politicians who called for his dismissal.  Stadler points out that what Ambassador Ecvat Tezcan said would have earned him from 6 months to 2 years in a Turkish prison had he said such things about his own country.  So, MP Ewald Stadler moved to have him declared a "persona non grata" and removed from his position. The assembly applauds repeatedly.

He brings up the murder of Archbishop Padovese in Turkey, and the fact that many priests have been murdered in Turkey since 2008.

Watch the video.

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