Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fr. Barron on "dumbed down" Catholicism

If only a priest had talked like this back in the 70's when I was getting the, "My butterfly and me" version of Catholicism. 

Watch this clip, especially the ending. 

EDIT June 15: I just learned that Fr. Barron has a website.  Check out Word on Fire.

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Dan S. said...

As usual, good point, Fr. Barron. Give us some meat and potatoes and get rid of the baby formula!


susanna said...

Dumbing down in my religion is everywhere. In local high school quiz contests, there are no Catholic schools in the finals. When I was a kid the "Catholic kids" had it all over the others. I quit going to the V2 mass-everytime the priest said Through Him. And WITH Him. And IN Him, I was transported right to Sesame Street. Who is responsible?

Geremia said...

I loved 3:50 onwards. Thanks!