Monday, May 10, 2010

The Holy Father in Fatima - some good "pre-game" material

Many of us who grew up in the midst of Vatican II or thereafter, were not immersed into a culture of Marian devotion in our parishes.  In fact, in my childhood parish, the "We are Church" felt banners exemplified the kind of "devotion" practiced.  In the 70's, especially, Mary was considered passé, and Rosaries were something that old people did to get into heaven.  The old Hollywood movie, The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima, was something we watched yearly, but putting it into practice was another story. 

How things are changing - Deo gratias!

The Holy Father will be in Fatima this week.  I already have my DVR set to capture it from May 11-14th (go to this page at EWTN and scroll down for coverage).

I wish I had time for a more extensive post, but I do not. If you are not familiar with Fatima, and even if you are, there some things you will want to read, preferrably ahead of this visit. 

There is a book that some are reading called the "Fourth Secret of Fatima" by Antonio Socci.  I do not recommend reading this book at this time.  I am hoping to get a review which analyzes this book more thoroughly so that if you do read it, you can compare notes on this critical review, to the book.  More on this some time in the future.

I really think what we need to be doing right now, is not discussing whether the Third Secret was fully revealed or whether the consecration was done correctly, etc.  These things distract from the heart of the Fatima message: Prayer, penance, and conversion.

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Here is one example of something I just re-Tweeted, from Catholic News Service: Flying to Portugal, pope says abuse crisis “terrifying”.  It is a must-read!

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