Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cardinal Pell - New Prefect for the Congregation for Bishops?

Cardinal George Pell of Australia - in the cappa magna

EDIT @6:24 - It is not on today's Bollettino .... yet.  Sometimes it is updated later, but I've seen that happen infrequently.  In any event, the rumor has been heating up.

Rumor has been floating for some months, and intensifying in recent days, that Cardinal George Pell of Australia will take the helm at the Congregation for Bishops as Cardinal Giovani Batista Re heads into retirement, having reached the age of 75.  The congregation is responsible for making recommendations to the Holy Father on the appointment of bishops.  Archbishop Raymond L. Burke, now Prefect of the Signatura (Vatican equivalent of the Supreme Court), was also named last fall to the congregation.

A few notes about Cardinal Pell:

Here are some sources to watch for commentary this morning and later today. 

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