Sunday, April 18, 2010

Site: Mary of Nazareth

Just yesterday I stumbled upon a great Marian "watering hole".  Catholic Culture, which reviews many Catholic sites, gives it a status of "green". 

Catholic Culture gives an overview:

Mary of Nazareth International Center is part of an evangelization project to publicize the mystery of the Mother of God through technology.

The Association is formed by Catholic laypeople and submitted to the A.O.C.T.S. (Assembly of Catholic Bishops in the Holy Land), who delegated Bishop Marcuzzo, bishop in Nazareth, to accompany the project "Mary of Nazareth".

This associated website was created to provide in-depth texts for the visitors to an International Marian Center or simply those who visit on the Internet.

The website is divided into ten topics compiling different questions: for each one they have done worldwide research asking experts for their help and they have submitted questions to the most apt authors they could find.

Theologians, exegetes, historians, scientists and archeologists have been asked to offer a synthetic and user-friendly answer, to ensure that the website can become a reference tool at all levels. The most serious topics are treated side by side with less central but more current events, which are of general interest to the public, such as apparitions, miracles, works of art, various scientific perspectives, or the great witnesses.

This site is for everyone and is available in multiple languages.

You can go to the site review for Mary of Nazareth to see specific strengths they site with examples.

Go to the website of theInternational Center - Mary of Nazareth

See other site reviews by Catholic Culture. I use this frequently when I find a site in a search to see if it is rated. You might check some of your favorite sites to see how they are rated. Scroll through a list of top-rated "green" sites and the red "danger list". Some sites, like the popular Spirit Daily are rated as yellow, for "caution". Click the link and read why.

How does Catholic Culture do these reviews and what is the criteria? Click here to find out.

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