Saturday, April 3, 2010

Holy Saturday in Photos - Extraordinary Form

If this slideshow does not work for you, go to my Smugmug page for the 2009 Easter Vigil. If you use the slideshow there (set it to "fast") it will fill your screen).

Go to for Mass and what remains of confession schedule for today.  Confession will not be available on Easter Sunday. 

Also see details about the Orchestra Mass that will be for the Easter Sunday 9:30am Mass in the Extraordinary Form.  It is the Missa di Gloria by Puccini.  There is about a 25-30 piece symphony, conducted by Father Perrone, Grotto's pastor, along with the Assumption Grotto Choir.  As always, the Mass also includes Gregorian chant. This Mass by Puccini will also be featured at the Noon Mass on Divine Mercy Sunday.

You will need a 1962 Missal or one of the booklets for the Triduum in the Extraordinary Form for this evening's Mass.  This is a long Mass, but one that is probably the most beautiful of the year, as you will see from the slides..  It includes the entry into the Church of those who have been preparing.  If you don't have a booklet or missal, you can try printing this page out which contains all that you need for the evening.  If someone is aware of an online PDF that will print out well, please drop me a note in the combox with the link. 

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