Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Go thank Bishop Slattery...

Many are of the opinion that Bishop Slattery's homily from this past Saturday will go down as one of the best in American history.  If you have read it, or heard the audio, take the time to go tell him what you think.

You might consider sending a copy to your favorite Catholic news outlets.  As of today, this thing is still pretty much contained within  the Catholic blogosphere.

Please consider sending the Diocese of Tulsa link to Zenit's news contact form.  Just right click the first link above and "copy shortcut" and then follow the link to Zenit.  Ask them nicely to share it with readers. If they can't see my lonely email, perhaps they will see it if many send it in.

ZENIT has covered it! http://zenit.org/article-29071?l=english

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