Monday, March 1, 2010

Vatican watching: Red-hat rumor mill....

Interesting buzz over at Whispers...

In a significant development that bears all the hallmarks of a coordinated leak, three of Italy's most reputable Vatican journalists have suddenly emerged to forecast B16's third creation of new cardinals for Christ the King weekend, 20-21 November... and hours after Tim Dolan said in an interview that he "wouldn't expect" the red hat this time around, the slates relayed by all three include the name of the archbishop of New York.
While a November date (an encore of the last intake's 2007 elevation) has rounded the buzzmill for some time now, it should -- but, given the hysteria surrounding these things, can't -- go without saying that anything can change at any time. Still, the confluence of the Saturday pieces by Il Foglio's Paolo Rodari, La Stampa's Giacomo Galeazzi and Il Giornale's Andrea Tornielli is notable... and would appear to be more than mere coincidence.

I wonder how long it will take the Vatican press office to issue a denial? LOL

Read the whole thing....Rocco gets into some names, and click on some of his links where he has discussed other names.  Cardinal Maida turns 80 on March 18th of this year, at which time he will be ineligible to vote in a conclave.  While it is possible that Archbishop Vigneron is on the list, many have speculated he won't be on this round.  Still others have speculated that Detroit may lose it's "red hat".  John Allen wrote a few weeks ago:

In terms of the United States, three names may seem conspicuous by their absence from the list of “cardinals in waiting”: the recently appointed archbishops of Baltimore, Detroit and St. Louis, all three archdioceses which at one point or another were considered “red hat” assignments. The consensus wisdom, however, is that since the United States is already over-represented in the College of Cardinals (the U.S. is only the fourth largest Catholic country in the world, but it has the second largest number of cardinals after the Italians), and given shifts in the Catholic population in America, those three dioceses may well no longer be led by cardinals.
Time will tell.  God's will be done.

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