Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pelosi and St. Joseph - Doh!

Never a dull moment with dissenting Catholic Nancy Pelosi trying to win-over fellow Catholics to the health care reform which includes the biggest expansion of abortion coverage in history. She invokes "St. Joseph the Worker" on his feast day. I won't be surprised someday to hear her claim that Jesus Himself has endorsed Hell as a great place to go.

There are just a few major problems with what she said:


1) It was the Solemnity of St. Joseph (March 19), not the Memorial of St. Joseph the Worker (May 1). Ok, minor mix-up, but "devout Catholic" Italians know the difference.

2) St. Joseph is the patron of the unborn. St. Joseph protected his family, and in particular, the infant Jesus.

3) St. Joseph is the patron of expectant mothers.

4) St. Joseph is the patron of families.

5) St. Joseph is also the patron of people who fight communism (ok, so I'm sure those who fear socialism in the US can also pray to St. Joseph)

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