Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ongoing Medjugorje commission discussions; Bishop Peric called to Rome

UPDATE March 7: Croatian press is reporting that Bishop Peric has been  invited to Rome (see details below).  Post title was renamed.

There has been some chatter for about the last two months on a new commission on the phenomena of Medjugorje, allegedly to be headed up by Cardinal Ruini. 

Italian media (Panorama), heightened the chatter with a report about this on March 4th.  Other Italian sources then picked up on the story.

Please keep in mind, that no official word has been offered by the Holy See, the Bishop's Conference, or the Diocese of Mostar-Duvno.  Hence, this is still chatter, but it is getting louder.

Richard Chonak at Catholic Light translated the original Panorama story, and Catholic News Agency, as well as Catholic World Report have offered articles based on what has been in the Italian media.
I have another post on Medjugorje that has been in development for over a week, but I have not had time to finish it.  Hopefully, before the weekend is done, I can complet it and post it.

I also want to remind people that Patrick Coffin of Catholic Answers Live will be hosting guest apologist, Patrick Madrid to discuss Medjugorje on March 24th.  You can listen online, or on some local Catholic radio stations that carry the feed.  See the calendar here (and after the show, you can pick up the archived audio from the calendar).

UPDATE March 7

From Žepče Online:

Možda će se nešto više o tom povjerenstvu znati sljedećih dana, jer je u Rim pozvan i dr. Ratko Perić, biskup mostarsko-duvanjski i apostolski upravitelj trebinjsko-mrkanski, u čijoj dijecezi je Međugorje.
My translation:

Maybe more about this commission will be known in the coming days because Dr. Ratko Perić, the bishop of the Diocese of Mostar-Duvno and apostolic administrator of Trebinsko-Mrkan has been invited to Rome.

I believe this is originating from Jutarnji List.  Here, I provide a computer-generated translation (I got an "access denied" note, but upon hitting ok, it worked).

Other recent Medjugorje-related content (these are all translations at Catholic Light):

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Nick said...

Something I've been wondering as of late is, what if the Holy See never dose establish a commission? Will the supporters of Medjugorje keep looking for one or will they accept the Church's judgment in the Bishop?

Nick said...

Two thoughts I've found some Medjugorje supports have is "There are fruits but no bad fruits at Medjugorje" and "The skeptics must accept the apparition when the Church accepts it as worthy of belief". Yet these thoughts are fallacious because fruits are not naturally good but can be bad - disobedience is one bad fruit - and because even apparitions which the Church accepts aren't mandatory to be accepted by the faithful since they do not constitute the Sacred Deposit of the Faith.

Nick said...

I found this quote from a Medjugorje resident and it is quite telling. Bold is my emphasis.

"Dusty wrote:

I am from Medjugorje and have stumbled upon this sight accidently. I was really unpleasantly surprised to see what Guide had written. I and 99% of the people who live in Medjugorje would not agree with what Guide had written. The most common cars driven in Medjugorje are VW Golfs and Mercedes Benz that are older than 10-15 years. 100% of the people that own houses offering pilgrims accomodation in Medjugorje are in debt because of the loans they have taken from banks to build these houses! A small number of people own new cars and these cars are also on credit. I know this for a fact.

Medjugorje lives from pilgrims, this is true. But, so does Fatima and Lourdes. Is this wrong? I don’t think so. Try find accomodation with full board for 25 euros per day per person anywhere else in the world. Concerning the houses Guide has mention. All the land in Medjugorje is family owned and has been passed down from generation to generation. If i, or anyone else from Medjugorje wishes to build a house in Medjugorje, the land is free from the start because it has been either inherited or given as a gift from a family member. Saltelite dishes??? So what?! Is Guide saying that Medjugorje is such a secluded area of the world and that the people in Medjugirje are so poor that they cannot afford one and that it has probably been, God forbid, been given to you as a gift because it is so expensive that we ourselves cannot afford one? Oh please… Medjugorje, and the rest of former Yugoslavia was poor due to the regime but that was over 20 years ago. People now live in much better circumstances. Come to Medjugorje and see for yourselves…

Published on 03/4/2010"

Kay-Marie said...

Whether one beleives in Medjugore- or not there is a principle of speaking the truth in love, and that truth without charity is not truth.
The Vatican may or may not approve this apparition, but one thing I do know; Our Dear Lord must look over us and weep when He hears the mean spitied comments made about people of sincere good will that embrace this and others who harp at them with a zeal usually reserved for major heresies.
I do not intend to promote a syrupy "butterflies and be myself" mentality, but I DO think it is prudent common sense to THINK before we open our "tater traps" to to talk. We are suppoes to be the SALT. Salt preserves, melts ice and flavors--to be a benefit. Lets make sure our words are salt and not sulfur that burns and poisons . I also do not think it is wise to hide mean spirited comments on the guise of "educating the ignorant", as a"Corporal Work of Mercy". Teaching is not facillitated by trudging over folks feelings.
Where ever you find yourself, remember, we should be ambssadors of hope-not harrassment. :)

Diane M. Korzeniewski, OCDS said...


It is true that people should consider the devout and pious souls who pray with sincere hearts to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Undoubtedly, even if it is not truly the Blessed Virgin Mary appearing to the alleged seers of Medjugorje, Mary hears prayers intended for her.

Snarky and sarcastic comments are not helpful, and are unvirtuous.

However, some interpret legitimately raised questions and objections as attacks upon those devout souls, and this is not always the case. I didn't necessarily feel you were referring to this, but am pointing out this fact to other readers.

Also, while it is painful to watch people express their disbelief in authenticity in an unvirtuous manner, it is also painful to watch some in the Medjugorje Movement (MM) treat the local Bishop with varying levels of contempt. This ranges from snarky and disprespectful comments about him, to a dismissiveness to anything he has to say.

Similarly, many of us who have stood with the local bishop on the basis of what we believe are reasonable objections, find ourselves accused of lying, for example (even when we cite diocesan records, which are not considered credible within the MM)

The best case is the reaction of the transitional deacon in Germany to Rev. Dr. Manfred Hauke's interview, in which he raised questions and concerns. The deacon resorted to stating that this distinguished theologian had spread lies, halftruths, and committed an offense against God. This caused Fr. Hauke to have to respond, first by explaining what a lie is, and what it means to accuse someone of lying.

My point is that these things you speak of, are happening on both sides, and in either case, it is wrong.

While some feel it is perfectly fine to talk about why they believe in authenticity, the same people seem to think it is not ok for others to express disbelief.

There seems to be a double standard out there.

Anonymous said...

Wow, there is actually a chance event of some rare alien humble comments from those with on the spot reality checks, and, since this can't be tolerated (a different outlook and admonishment to the elitist prejudiced) and these few differing comments cannot be allowed to stand, but they MUST be lectured to and "corrected" - even though the facts of historical reality back them up. Shame on the intolerant Pharisees!

MariaR. said...

Bloggers in Medj. forums are now talking about a possible change in borders within the Mostar Diocese so that Medjugorje is no longer under Bishop Peric.