Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Medjugorje: Bishop's Conference claims statement attributed to Cardinal Puljic is recycled old news

In scanning Croatian news today, I spotted a stream of headlines with content that looked very familiar - like, from 4 months ago.

In the event news begins to circulate in English speaking blogs or sites (specifically with this information from November 2009), claiming that Cardinal Puljic is denying a new commission again, the Bishop's Conference of Bosnia and Herzegovina has released a statement on March 9, 2010, denying this denial as old news being recirculated as new news. Got that? 
I've seen at least 8-9 news reports in a Croatian news search, presenting this as new within the last 24 hours. The Bishop's conference also noticed.

Here is a news brief from the Bishop's Conference of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) released March 9, 2010 which reads (google translation touched up with my limited memory of Croatian):

OLD NEWS about Cardinal Puljic statement on MEDJUGORJE published as NEW

Cardinal Vinko Puljic in Sarajevo these days has not given any statement regarding Medjugorje. News which the Catholic news agency of the Bishops' Conference of Bosnia and Herzegovina took from the Catholic Information Agency and published 16th November 2009., was published on more portals on 9th March 2010. It was taken as a new story according to which "Vrhbosna Archbishop came to the Vatican" and that "it is not known that the Vatican is preparing any document on Medjugorje."Vrhbosna Metropolitan Archbishop Cardinal Vinko Puljic, currently in Sarajevo has not given any statement regarding Medjugorje," said the KTA for the Office of Cardinal Puljic.

At least Cardinal Puljic didn't respond with a new denial of a commission on Medjugorje

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