Monday, March 29, 2010

Archbishop Petar Rajic takes on two more: Yemen and United Arab Emirates

You might recall back a couple of months ago a profile I did on a priest with an interesting vocational path who was consecrated as Archbishop in Mostar soon after being appointed apostolic nuncio to Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar.  Now comes this from Zenit:
VATICAN CITY, MARCH 26, 2010 ( Benedict XVI appointed Archbishop Petar Rajic, who is currently apostolic nuncio to Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar, to also be the Pope's representative to Yemen and the United Arab Emirates.

The appointment was announced Saturday by the Holy See.

Archbishop Rajic, 50, was born in Toronto, Canada. He was ordained a priest in 1987 for the diocese of Trebinje e Mrkan, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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