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17 of 20 members of new Medjugorje commission known (unofficial)

This post may be updated, so please check back.  I have edited in a few more links since posting it earlier.

Several Croatian and BiH sources, such as Vecernji List and  Sarajevo-X [google translate versions] are reporting that 17 of the 20 members of the new Medjugorje commission are known.  I have provided as much information as I could understand and was able to find a little more.  I did the best I could to find their country of origin, and other info.  Please send corrections and I will get to them when I am home later or at lunch time.
If anyone has more information on specific people listed, especially those who are not in the Catholic hierarchy, please drop a note in the combox or email me at  I am specifically interested in links to pages which would contain things like a curriculum vitae, or other hard data. 

An interesting note on Fr. Jaeger:
Rev. Fr. David-Maria Jaeger, O.F.M., J.C.D., is a former pastor of St. John Neumann Catholic Church in Austin, Texas and served on the Tribunal for the Diocese of Austin. He is currently a member of the faculty at the Pontifical Athenaeum "Antonianum" in Rome and is a member of the Delegation of the Holy See on the Bilateral Permanent Working Commission between the Holy See and the State of Israel. Born of Jewish parents in Tel Aviv, Israel, Fr. Jaeger is the only native-born Israeli ("Sabra") ordained as a Roman Catholic priest in the world.

Please Pray!

Please pray for the commission members and the CDF which will make decisions based on their findings.  Please pray also that people on all sides receive any decision out of the CDF with humility.  It is not important who is right and who is wrong.  What is important is truth in charity.

*4-15-2010: On Abp Amato - Updated link to read that Abp Amato signed the letter authorizing Bishop Peric to make public those sanctions in 2008.  Added in link about Tuscan Bishop's memo several days ago.
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Nick said...

Come, Holy Spirit!

Timothy said...

Diane, I would be interested in hearing your opinion as to why do you think that Bishop Ratko Peric has not been invited to participate?

Diane M. Korzeniewski, OCDS said...

Timothy asks: "...why do you think that Bishop Ratko Peric has not been invited to participate?"

Very simple: If the judgment ends up negative, those who are attached to the phenomena would feel that his presence biased the results.

Fr. Lombardi said there would be about 20 people, which means that perhaps there are 3 more names that have not yet leaked out.

Thus far, I do not see any of the original Franciscan defenders involved, such is Fra Ivan Dugandzic.

I fully expected to see a commission with names that were relatively unknown, with perhaps some who were involved in the last commission, if they were still around.

Let's ponder this: Do you think the commission will be examining official diocesan records? Or, do you think the commission will limit itself to testimonials of "good fruits" and completely disregard what is in official diocesan records?

How about some of these diocesan records:

- "Questionable Games Surrounding the 'Great Sign'"

There are several more documents released in the months leading up to this commission by the Diocese of Mostar-Duvno that were only made available in Croatian and Italian. I would imagine that the language in use at the commission is likely Italian. We have unofficial translations in English (with links back to originals) for those interested:

- September 26, 2009 releases

- Deviations of Medjugorje by Bishop Ratko Peric - January 2010 (a collection of 10 doctrinal and theological points)

Also noteworthy, is that in the first issue of the diocesan chronicle (Službeni Vjesnik) for 2010 there is a lengthy piece on each of the Medjugorje visionaries. Just go to the index and see.

Prior issues also contain diocesan notes on the phenomena. You can probably open up the PDF's and copy/paste some of the text into a translation tool to get the gist of it.

Bishop Peric may not be sitting on the commission, but all those theologians will be very interested in the kinds of theological questions raised in his documents. They get to discern whether they are correct. They get to discern what is established as "fact".

If they are going to overturn Bishop Peric on the points he has raised, they need to prove him wrong. Theologians do not disregard the kind of substance in the "Great Sign" document because there are conversions.

If you look carefully at the material recently put out by Bishop Peric, much of it is built using information straight from the books of supporters like Fr. Laurentin, Fr. Rupcic, Fr. Barbaric, Tomislav Vlasic, et al. They made his case for him!

Hence, I would caution against too much "celebration" over the fact that Bishop Ratko Peric is not on this commission.

Regardless of who is on the commission, I am praying for all who are involved in it, and at the CDF which will ultimately use the findings to make decisions. I trust that the Holy Spirit will guide this commission to discern the truth about Medjugorje. Let us pray together that everyone will accept the findings and decisions with humility.

Timothy said...

Thank you Diane. I trust that the commision will consider the documents you highlight and sufficiently validate them gathering additional witness testimony, even confronting the visionaries themselves if necessary. In the end, I trust the commision will make an informed and correct decision based on the facts, some of which we may not be privy to. To protect the 'fruits', the boundaries of the current diocese may be changed, but this will be done to better serve the many pilgrims who go there and not as part of assessing the validity of the apparitions. It is an exciting time regardless of the result and I believe the vast majority of Catholics will abide by the final decision regardless of thier current position. We all have much more in common than we have as differences and the most important commonality is love of God, His Son, the Church and the Blessed Mother. May God bless you Diane for your strong faith and love of Him.

Nick said...

I found out that Bishops can give radical sanations to invalid marriages, so marriages invalidly made by the ex-Franciscans could be saved by the local Bishop.

Nick: If a priest who is forbidden from administrating the sacraments marries a man and woman, are the man and woman married, and, if not, than is that grounds for an annulment?

For example, there are ex-Franciscans in Medjugorje who are forbidden to administer the sacraments yet are administering sacraments, including matrimony,

Msgr. Charles Pope: Jurisdiction is very important in marriage. Hence a priest who administers the sacrament without proper delegation celebrates an invalid marriage. Such a marriage could be declared null unless it is subsequently validated or receives what is known as sanatio in radice (radical sanation) wherein the bishop heals the sacrament’s validity by applying the jurisdiction ex post facto


Anonymous said...

Fr. David Jager is a great priest and a great mind. I am excited to know that probably he will be on the panel.

observer2 said...

Vatican is considering the creation of a new diocese for Medjugorje

Diane M. Korzeniewski, OCDS said...


"Rome Reports" is not affiliated with "the Vatican". They are an independent news agency which happens to make video news clips of news we read on the web, usually a couple days after it is floating.

They make some nice reports, but they should have done more homework on this one before treating it as if it were truly news, as opposed to speculation (or wishful thinking). Andrea Tornielli, who is indeed highly regarded and often reliable, is not always right.

Unfortuantely, they took a highly speculative report which originated with Andrea Tornielli and made it sound as if it was fact (and didn't even bother to cite their source when the content of their video was already all over the web and connected to this "Tornielli Report").

Edward Pentin of the National Catholic Register did what journalists should in the face of such odd rumors: He went to Father Federico Lombardi with the rumor and writes:

Yesterday, I asked the Vatican spokesman, Father Federico Lombardi, about the report. He was unaware of the speculation but stressed that the commission was only just getting started and so it was “baseless” to believe that such a proposal would be included in the commission’s findings. He advised waiting until it had made its final decisions, although the date of its completion isn’t known.


The 3 cities named by Tornielli are in two different countries and in two different bishop's conferences: Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatia. In other words, the proposed diocese would cross international borders and bishop's conferences.


What he is describing would be like combining Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Ontario into a single diocese.

Could there be some sort of future restructuring of dioceses in Bosnia & Herzegovina? Anything is possible. Some weeks ago, the rumor was that Medjugorje would move from the Mostar-Duvno diocese into the Trebinje-Mrkan diocese for which Peric is currently the apostolic administrator. The rumor included a new bishop for the ancient Trebinje-Mrkan (T-M) diocese. Here are some facts to consider:

1) There are a total of 66 parishes in Mostar-Duvno, 30 of which belong to the Franciscans.

2) There are 16 parishes in Trebinje-Mrkan and the Franciscan Custody does not reach into T-M.

That is a total of 82 parishes under Bishop Peric.

As it stands now, if the boundary shifts for T-M to include St. James and some other surrounding parishes, the more likely scenario would be that the Franciscans would lose the parish to diocesan priests.

That too is speculation.

There are lots of ways to speculate. Time will tell. For now, follow Fr. Lombardi's advice on the matter.

MariaR. said...

This rumor is years old. I believe it began in one of the forums dedicated to spreading devotion to the Medjugorje apparition.


Observer2 said...


That's the headline on and of the link I provided. That is nothing concocted by me. If you wish to correct someone, correct Rome Reports for not living up to your standards. It's pretty obvious to anyone just what they do!!!!