Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lots of tickets still available for McGivney...

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Someone had told me that Sunday's showing of the original musical at Grotto, "McGivney" was sold out for Sunday, and I had reported this.  Upon checking, I learned it is not the case at all. 

There are plenty of tickets available for both remaining days - this Saturday at 4:00pm and Sunday at 7:00pm.  I would encourage you to call (248) 302-9471and reserve your tickets now.  No payment is needed when calling.  They will hold them for you at the door. 

There is a family cap ticket set for $35 (no matter how many kids) and adult tickets are only $12. Teens are $10, children $5 and those 5 and under are free.  Clergy and religious are also free, and Knights of Columbus members get 10% off.

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