Saturday, December 26, 2009

Assumption Grotto - 2009 Christmas Stock Photos

Since I am in the choir, I can't take photos during any of the Orchestra Masses for the Christmas Season. I was able to get some stock photos of the Church before the 4:00pm Mass. Unfortunately, it's difficult to get the full array of candles all lit without causing someone to have to go through a great deal of inconvenience. I may have an opportunity to get some Mass photos during the week, but it will be difficult with people walking around. In some of these photos, the exposure went on for some time to get certain effects.

Here is a slideshow. Some pics look similar, but they may have different exposure settings.

I would be interested in the photos you like the best. Pick two favorites (go to the gallery link to view the two pages of photos individually.

Follow these instructions to communicate which two photos you like the best:

- single click the photo so it is isolated to the right.
- slide cursor to the right until pop-up menu appears.
- click on the "I" for photo info.
- under the "basic" tab, let me know what "File Name" you see.

Here is an image:

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