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Bishop of Mostar-Duvno explains the "Phenomenon of Medjugorje"

In what appears to be a very interesting shift in the case of Medjugorje, the ordinary of the place, Bishop Ratko Peric has published a three part report that puts into context the phenomenon of Medjugorje. 

I will offer the link here, but as of today, it is still only available at the diocesan website in Italian.  Once it is available in English (and I'm assuming it will be soon), I will repost. 

In the meanwhile, I want to acknowledge the article by Catholic News Service, the publishing arm of the USCCB on this subject.  While it is a lengthy article and does cover some significant points, their coverage of the report does not do it justice, as far as I can see. 

Using online translation tools to look at the Italian version, I can tell you that the bishop says much more than what CNS is covering.  CNS is saying that the bishop is "reiterating" what he has said before.  This is true.  However, it is incomplete because he goes into great detail to help people to understand it all in context.  It sounds to me like he is objecting to how news sources are covering the phenomenon in light of recently reported events.  He uses some pretty good resources and history to back up his arguments.  Here are a few of the headings within "part 1".

  • The implication of Vlašić in the "phenomenon Medjugorje"
  • "The visionaries must not make statements without which we are informed."
  • A serious theological error [see paragraph directly below for this]
  • "The apparition" of Medjugorje praises the work of Vlasic.
  • The apparition "recommends Vlašić as spiritual master
  • Vlašić according to "divine providence" accompanies the visionaries.
  • Vlašić "channeling" the "appearances
The serious theologial error from Google translation tools is as follows in all it's imperfections:

A serious theological error. Despite a Vlašić, who was illegally in Medjugorje, and to captain a theological heresy known that he himself wrote in the Chronicle, 6 May 1982, having heard from the "visionaries": "Tonight, the young people asked a theological question and have had the Answer: If people are only present in heaven with the soul or the soul and the body? - have asked. There are the soul and the body - they were answered. "

Anyone with a basic understanding of the Catholic Catechism knows this is false.

Part II deals with "fantasies of Our Lady's birthday" and goes on to detail some stuff I hadn't even heard before.  The entire section explains the trouble the bishop has with this. 

Part III includes the bishop's June 2009 homily at Confirmations in Medjugorje.  However, it then goes on to list certain prohibitions - many of which have been in place for some time, but in some cases ignored.  We will wait for the English version for these.  Here is a summary of things thus far forbidden by the local ordinary, who is still responsible for pastoral matters concerning Medjugorje, despite what some will claim:


- NO more retreats, spiritual exercises, conferences, foreign priests… without permission of the bishop

- NO own or foreign priests may propagate NON-recognized ‘messages’ or ‘apparitions’

- EVERY priest must show his ‘celebret’ before H.Mass

- NO more H.Sacrament or adoration in ‘Oasis of Peace’; even NO permission to reside in whole diocese [not sure what that last part means]

- NO services in the private church in Bijakovice; it is now closed.

- NO mentioning of ‘seers’, apparitions, messages’ in parish bulletin;

- NO mentioning of the word ‘sanctuary’ in Medjugorje

- NO mentioning or comment of ‘messages’ or ‘apparitions’ on the 25th of the month via Marija Pavlovic

- NO private ‘apparitions’ of Mirjana Dragicevic in ‘Cenacolo’ of Sr. Elvira

- NO permission for ‘Kraljica Mira’(founder : Tomislav Vlasic) in Medjugorje or in whole diocese

- NO ‘seers’ or others in the church to pray prayers from the ‘apparitions’

- NO intentions during the rosary concerning ‘apparitions’ or ‘messages’

- NO ‘seers’ in or around the church on anniversaries of ‘apparitions’ or ‘messages
first deals with the homily of bishop Peric on June 6 2009 in Medjugorje, in which he thanks the Vatican for the support to his negative standpoint on the ‘apparitions’ in Medjugorje. Then he publishes his letter dated June 12 2009, to the present Medjugorje-parish, Fr. Petar Vlasic.

I have sent it on to a number of people at various Catholic news organizations here in the US who have resources to fully digest this.  I'm hoping to see a more complete analysis and coverage of what the bishop offers than what I am seeing thus far on CNS. 

Admittedly, the translation tool could be giving me a different take on it than what is actually there.  Hence, I will reserve further judgment on the communications at the Diocese of Mostar Duvno until I see them in English. 

Scroll down at the Dioces of Mostar-Duvno home page and you will see the words "Medjugorje" and "fenomeno" in three parts.  If you keep checking it will probably be available in English soon.

EDIT:  Fr. Z also has a post up on this.  The combox may get interesting as more comments pile in.

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Tominellay said...

The (original) Croatian-language versions of these documents are published in the Official Herald of the Dioceses of Mostar-Duvno and Trebinje-Mrkan, and available on the diocesan web site, as "Sluzbeni Vjesnik" No. 2/2009, pp. 179-194.

Timothy said...

But then again Joan of Arc was also accused of being manipulated by the devil.

I'm sure you also would have supported Bishop Cauchon who used his authority to burn Joan of Arc to death, He put to death, a nineteen year virgin devoted to the Catholic church who gave her life to God. However, she was finally rehabilitated by the Catholic Church and now stands before us as one of the great Saints of the Catholic Faith

Bishop Peric, perhaps if he lived in an earlier era, might pursue even more aggressive measures to stop Medjugorje than he is currently undertaking against the seers if he had his way.

Diane M. Korzeniewski, OCDS said...


Your argument is sadly disappointing and exemplifies the kind of division Medjugorje is causing with in the Church.

I find it offensive that you would compare the legitimate actions of a bishop in good standing with the Holy See, who has been given responsibility for continuing pastoral care over Medjugorje, with a bishop from a previous era who allegdly was prompted by immoral motives to burn St. Joan of Arc to death.

Anonymous said...

To all Medjugorje supporters:

Listen and obey, like children,to the voice of Bishop Peric.

The Bishop is the authority and for that reason he bares the key to our salvation.

No apparition can give us our salvation only the Church!

And by the way, Joan of Arc, was obedient to her Bishop to death, this act of hers, won her salvation in heaven and sainthood on earth! Her obedience gave her her salvation.