Monday, August 17, 2009

2009 Feast of the Assumption at Assumption Grotto - Morning and Afternoon

In this first of 3 photopost for the 2009 Feast of the Assumption at Assumption Grotto, we start with the 9:30am Mass in the extraordinary form (often referred to by the misnomer, "Tridentine").

Since the feast fell on a Saturday, it was not a holy day of obligation in our diocese, but as you will seem many came to honor the the Blessed Virgin Mary on her feast day, regardless.

The Noon Mass, also pictured below, was a Solemn High Mass with Fr. Eduard Perrone - Grotto's pastor - as the celebrant, Fr. Paul Ward as the Deacon of the Mass, and Fr. John Bustamante as sub-deacon.

The second of three photoposts will feature Eucharistic Adoration, the Eucharistic procession to the Grotto, and the annointing & blessing of the sick.

The last photopost will feature the 7:00pm Mass with Archbishop Vigneron and concelebrants, and the candlelight procession. There, you will be able to get a link to see all of the 180 photos uploaded to my smugmug site from throughout the day.

This first pic, taken as Fr. John awaits the start of the 9:30am Mass, reveals the beauty of the old chasuble worn by all celebrants on this feast day.

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