Tuesday, November 13, 2007

USCCB Meeting Coverage

I don't have much time for posting, but want to direct your attention to some very good and thorough coverage of the USCCB meeting taking place in Baltimore. It is assumed that Cardinal George, the current VP, will take the helm. Many are wondering who will be the next VP which would indicate to us the likely successor after this coming term.

Tom Peters - the American Papist - is posting throughout each day with continuous updates and many links. Here is Day One. Check the Papist's homepage for coverage of day two and three.

Ed Peters weighs in on two candidates for the USCCB's committee on Canonical Affiars - Abp Raymond L. Burke and Bishop Thomas Paprocki.

Fr. Z looks at the document on sacred music the bishops on which they will be voting. Will it be merely guidelines which do not require the approval of Rome? Do read through some of the comments in Fathers blogpost.

In other interesting news:

Pope Benedict XVI's visit to the US Confirmed: April 15-20 (AmP)

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