Friday, November 16, 2007

NY Times creates scandal with misleading headline

*If you already read this, please see my update below*

My jaw almost hit the floor this morning as I looked at the four articles offered, as of yesterday morning via CWNews on the USCCB's voter guidelines. Please note the distorted title issued by the New York Times.

Catholic Bishops Offer Voting Guide, Allowing Some Flexibility on Issue of Abortion

I don't see "flexibility" on abortion issue mentioned anywhere. There should be a public outcry over such a misleading title.

Somebody please let me know where the USCCB was "allowing flexibility on issue of abortion"?!?

Here are all the titles offered at CWNews:

NOV 16th UPDATE 7:10am:

I sent a copy of the article to Abp Chaput in Denver because the USCCB offers no way that I can see, to contact them by email and Abp Chaput is good about reading email from my past experience. He is also a pro-life champion.

I read at the bottom that on November 16th a correction was made. However, the problem is the title, which is completely scandalous and misleading. I strongly believe a commentary in the NY Times should come from the USCCB to correct the problem. Please send your feedback to the NY Times or get word to your bishop or diocese.

The truly sad part is that other news outlets will jump at the title. Here you see a political blog with the following title based on NY Times article. This is totally irresponsible reporting by the NY Times and anyone following that title with out appropriate research.

Bishops give leeway on abortion

UPDATE November 16th, 11:40am:

I received an email back from Abp Chaput who suggested I contact the USCCB at their media relations dept. I have done this and included in my email not only a link to the original article, and the blogpost link directly above, I have included yet another paper which has run with the same article. It is the same author and there is no correction at all in this one. Unfortunatly, the International Herald Tribune is spreading this fallacious idea, as well.

Both the NY Times Editors and those of the IHT, and others using this language are showing clearly irresponsble reporting and editing. The buck stops in the editor's department.

I have emailed the USCCB, the New York Times, Human Life International, and Priests for Life.

You can find the USCCB's media relations email address at the bottom of this page, if you want to join me in asking them to please, on behalf of all faithful Catholics, respond to this scandalous headline with a Commentary in the New York Times and IHT. Anything less is not going to be sufficient and even at that, the damage is probably already done. I know poorly catechized Catholics who read the NY Times (unfortunately). Of course, any properly catechized Catholic would know better than to give them the time of day, let alone any money for what they call "news".

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