Thursday, November 29, 2007

Michael Voris of the One True Faith to Speak at Grotto on Sunday

Fr. Perrone and Michael Voris in a discussion on Assumption Day 2007 just before the evening, outdoor Mass

I'm still running very short on time, thus little blogging of late. My mother has not been well and a number of other things are going on, but I want to pass this piece of news along to you for this Sunday.

Michael Voris, President of St. Michael's Media and host of the One True Faith TV will be speaking at Assumption Grotto this Sunday after both the 9:30, and Noon Masses.

Archbishop Raymond L. Burke of St. Louis blessed the studio when he visited in 2006, and Fr. Pablo Straub has also been supportive of St. Michael's Media.

Fr. Perrone wrote in last week's bulletin:

Next Sunday, Dec. 2, Michael Voris
of ST. MICHAEL MEDIA will speak
on Fighting the Good Fight (an
appropriate title when invoking the
patronage of Saint Michael the
Archangel!). Many of you have seen
Michael’s clear, hardhitting and
unabashedly Catholic TV series
given before a live audience at his
Fernadale studio. There’s no cost for
his talk here next Sunday, and he’s
agreed to give it twice, after both the
9:30 and the noon Masses. These
will be in our gym where you still
may, if you wish, have your
hamburger, sausage or hotdog, as is
usual for our parish socials. Please
do come and hear Michael. He’s an
unusually gifted and dedicated
Catholic man. I have a hunch that
what he will tell you will swell your
Catholic pride.

Just a note about the Sunday socials: They happen each and every Sunday with only a few exceptions per year so if you ever drop in for Mass, follow the crowd over to the gym for a bite to eat, something hot to drink, and conversation.

We socialize in the parish hall, not in church - especially during the Mass.
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David said...

Do you know if Grotto will be having any Rorate masses this Advent? If so, when?


Esther said...

Hi Diane:
Fr. Pablo S. was here for a Marian Conference a few years ago. He is a very energetic and interesting speaker.

Diane K said...

David: The answer is "yes", we will be having Rorate Masses on Tuesday evenings of Advent at 7:00pm.

However, they will remain Novus Ordo Masses, as they were the last few years.

We looked at the old calendar and the only day which a votive Mass could be done was December 15th, with possibility for December 8th at Assumption Grotto since we are a shrine.

There are several classes of Masses for the Tridentine and a votive Mass cannot bump a higher level of Mass.

I believe that is why we are seeing EWTN's Rorate Mass on December 15th.

At Grotto, there will be a two-day Mission by Opus Angelorum with many people coming around 8:30am. We did not feel a 6:00am Tridentine would be well attended as a result, and did not want to see our priest over extended. He was willing, but it turned out to be impractical this year.

We will look at a Tridentine next year, but must be mindful that the old calendar presents limitations that the new one does not.

Diane K said...

Esther: I agree on Fr. Pablo Straub. I too had an opportunity to hear him speak, in person, when he came to a parish near my home. I took pictures and posted some of them on the blog.

He is a fine priest, indeed.

David said...


Thanks much for the info. My daughter (almost 4) is looking forward to attending.