Sunday, November 11, 2007

Abp O'Brien takes a stand against liturgical abuse in Baltimore

The new Archbishop of Baltimore, Edwin O'Brien, took a stand against liturgical abuse by removing a priest who invited a priestess to join him in celebrating a funeral Mass.

See the story Abp O'Brien and Liturgical Abuse here at CWNews, and pray for this priest, who has apologized, that he truly finds his way back. The Archdiocese claims that Father has had repeated problems with liturgical abuse. If he is off at a monastery as a comment at the site of the original article above claims, then I give him credit for taking this kind of time out.

I like to share these articles where bishops and cardinals are taking action to give hope to those who have been scandalized by the inaction of other bishops and cardinals. Just scroll through the Bishops with Backbone label underneath this post to see more promising stories.

You can always find this label, and others now, at the bottom of my sidebar if you scroll down.

h/t: Fr. Erik Richtsteig at the Orthometer

EDIT: hat-tip to Fr. Z, who is also covering this story with another article from the Baltimore Sun. That article is a little more extensive, and I want to highlight one statement:

Martin, who has not been defrocked, said he has been barred from celebrating Mass publicly. He will go on an extended retreat and counseling at a monastery in Latrobe, Pa., he said.

See the Baltimore Sun article on this issue with Fr. Z's comments

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