Sunday, November 11, 2007

40 Hours Devotion in Pictures - November 11, 2007

Some photos from today's 40 Hour Devotion and the closing ceremony at Assumption Grotto. It was reasonably well attended considering the fact that we are commuter parish. God graced us with the warmth of a functioning boiler too!

What more can I say? We'll let the photos do the talking. For those unfamiliar with Assumption Grotto, there was a candle-light, Eucharistic Procession within the church which emptied the pews. The people exit ahead of the Blessed Sacrament. Click on any pic to enlarge.

Click on the pic below to see a picture similar to the one above, but with the aperature opened up to create a flow of candlelight and blurred images. Some parts of the line are more stationary than others. The ghostly image of altar boys have turned the corner in the upper left hand side to lead the procession in front of the altar rail and down the right hand side.

After Benediction and the recessional, the lights were turned out and a few remained in quiet prayer. Click on this pic below to see a most beautiful shot of the Seat of Wisdom statue, previously covered during Expostion.

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