Friday, November 9, 2007

40 Hours Devotion beings today!

This is really a big deal and I alreay spoke about that in another post on 40 Hours Devotion.

I want to add something a friend and a fellow Grotto parishioner sent me in an email. I had sent out emails asking people to make a serious effort to get to 40 hours devotion, and if possible to pack the house in thanksgiving at the 3:00 closing ceremony, followed by a pot-luck dinner.

Mary writes:

A Papal audience sure must be an awesome
gift of grace,
but what about 40 Hours Devotion
and a personal audience with the One of whom
he is representative on earth, Christ the King

"Wherever your treasure is, there
you will find your heart."
Do you know where your heart is?

Hope He will see you there!
Please spread the Word..

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