Monday, April 16, 2007

Teresa Tomeo Blogs Issues about Media

For those who listen to Ave Maria Radio locally (or on the web), or to EWTN Radio via satellite or internet in the AM, you probably know Teresa Tomeo as host of Catholic Connection.

Teresa has finally made it to blog-dom with her new blog, "Noise". In it, she takes on media-related issues. While she may be looking at them from a Catholic perspective, the points she raises should be the concern of anyone in a decent, civilized society.

Do me a favor and go visit her blog - give it the traffic it needs and let others know about it. There are only a few posts up as it is new, so I'll lead you right into the the home page. Right now she has an excellent post about the Don Imus mess, she calls the I-mess.

Noise (Catholic Media Alert) - Blog of Teresa Tomeo