Monday, April 9, 2007

More Easter photos to come....

As you might imagine - if you know me, I have much editing to do before I can upload more photos. Even the photo above will be "straightened" as it is not always possible to get a photo leveled before the shot.

I couldn't take photos during the 9:30am Latin Novus Ordo because I was singing in the choir. But, I did hang around for the first part of the Noon mass, before having to depart to help with dinner that I was making for my mother, and my brother's family.

There are many talented people who freely use their God-given gifts at Assumption Grotto. We are very blessed to have our dear friend, Maureen, and her eye for decorating. Thanks be to God for the army of volunteers that worked tirelessly along with her after the Good Friday Service and before the Easter Vigil. Like the woman who annointed our Lord with oils, God certainly appreciates all the love and attention He receives through the kinds of labor so visible in the arrangements of our Easter decorations.


It was announced on the news last night that it was colder on Easter Day than it was on Christmas day here in Southeast Michigan. These were taken just as I left around 12:30pm.