Friday, April 27, 2007

Catholic Blogger heads to Seminary

Someone within the Catholic blogging circle is heading off to the seminary after being accepted by his bishop. Please keep "Seminarian Matthew" in your prayers. While out of state, he has expressed much fondness for Assumption Grottto as he has seen Catholic life there through this blog. Hopefully, our priests who inspire us, have somehow inspired other young Catholics with faith and fidelity. Perhaps Matthew will someday visit Grotto on one of his breaks. He joins a seminarian from Grotto, Louis Lapyere, at St. John Vianney in Minnesota.

He is responsible for his well-known primary blog, A Catholic Life, which is truly one of the class-acts of Catholic blogging. It's value is in the spiritual quality of his content. Seminarian Matthew and several other people have maintained a blog called Holy Vocations where they discuss their discernment process for others to see. I highly recommend it for discerning readers - male and female. In addition, he was maintaining the Holy Rosary blog, which he says is being consolidated into his primary blog. Thus, it will be removed from my blogroll.

His blogging will likely wane at seminary for obvious reasons. He will not only have his head into his studies, but blogging can be a risk for any seminarian in more ways than one. But we look forward to those few posts he will be able to make until he is ordained.