Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Online Video of Local News Segment on Mary Mother of the Eucharist Dominicans

Click the pic to go to the Mary, Mother of the Eucharist website

I first notified readers a couple days ago here of the upcoming video segment that Detroit's local ABC affiliate - Channel 7, WXYZ-TV would be doing on the Mary Mother of the Eucharist Dominicans. They are a very young community (in more ways than one) which began with just four sisters ten years ago. Now they are 70 with an average age somewhere in their 20's.

The segment aired last night and that video is now online. I don't know how long WXYZ-TV will keep it there. If the video is taken down, you may want to email them and ask if they can archive it somewhere online for future reference, or get permission to upload it to YouTube, if that is possible.

Here is a direct link to where the online video of that news segment by Ray Sayah on the Mary Mother of the Eucharist Dominicans.

The introduction is as follows:

By Ray Sayah
February 27, 2007

Today more young women are saying no thanks to married life and high-powered jobs. Instead they’re pursuing a higher calling

Some young women in their 20’s and 30’s have already gone after money, careers and material possessions, but it didn’t make them happy. They say they’ve found what’s missing in a lifestyle that’s making a comeback.

If you're reading sisters - all I can say is....

.....for your example, your prayers and sacrifices, and for saying, "Yes" when He called.