Monday, February 26, 2007

Local News station will discuss why young women are flocking to this Convent

If you are within the metro Detroit viewing area for ABC - Channel 7 in Detroit, tune in at 11:00 or tape the broadcast. Ray Sayah has done a story that will air about the vocation "problem" they are having at Mary Mother of the Eucharist (at least, so it appeared by their habits). The problem is that the young women are "coming in droves".

Catholic Culture has an article archived from 1997 in which covers the origins and beginnings of this local Dominican order in Ann Arbor. It is an offshoot from the Dominicans of popular notoriety in Tennessee. As I've mentioned before, good orders grow by sending out small groups of sisters to begin new communities. This one will have to do something soon (and it would be nice to see some sent out to the east side of Metro Detroit to run a Catholic school).

Yes Virginia, it is springtime for traditional convents, holy orders, and dioceses!

If you don't live in the viewing area, skim the Channel 7 Action News website at 11:00, or even tomorrow for anything they may have online. It's not likely to be online for very long.