Thursday, May 21, 2015

Upcoming at Assumption Grotto for Pentecost, Memorial Day, Corpus Christi and more...

Pentecost and Corpus Christi in the Extraordinary Form

Two orchestral Masses are coming up:

Sunday, May 24 Pentecost  at 9:30 a.m. Mass (Extraordinary Form, Solemn High)
Sunday, June 7, Corpus Christi at the 12:00 Noon Mass (Extraordinary Form, external observance)

Note: on June 7th, the 9:30 a.m. Mass will be the new Mass in Latin. Only one Mass can be done in EF on Sundays and when there is an orchestral Mass at Noon, it is joined with the 1962 Missal.  The regular choir will not sing at the 9:30 on that day because they will be at the Noon Mass.  A Eucharistic Procession follows on the parish grounds, weather permitting. 

Music for these orchestral Masses are as follows:

  • Mozart's Coronation Mass complete
  • Mozart's Vespers for a Confessor (only two movements) "Confitebor"
  • and "Laudate Dominum" Confitebor (the second movement for the beginning)
  • Laudate Dominum (the second last movement).

Memorial Day Masses

I am trying to confirm that the usual, weekday 7:30 a.m. EF Mass is taking place Monday morning for those who want that form.  Many come to the 9:00 a.m. Flag Raising, followed by Mass (Fr. Perrone has done the new Mass mostly at this Mass, concelebrated in past years, but I will try to find out if he will follow suit this year).  Following Mass, there is a procession out to the war dead memorial where a brief, prayerful ceremony takes place. There are refreshments after that Mass with the veterans and families. All are welcome.


Men’s Discernment Retreat Friday May 29 - Sunday, May 31, 2015, hosted here at Assumption Grotto. Have you ever considered the priesthood or consecrated life? Do you think that God may be calling you to serve Him with “an undivided heart”? Such decisions are not always so easy to make and proper discernment with good spiritual reflection and guidance is necessary. What’s the best way to prepare yourself to know what is God’s will in your life? Why should you do God’s will? How do you conform your will to His? By making a retreat. All the great spiritual writers have always suggested this.

This discernment retreat is a time to get away from the daily routine and spend time with God in reflection and prayer. It’s a chance to focus and give absolute attention to the Sacred Heart of Our Lord with the assistance and love of The Sweetest Heart of Our Lady - and then make some decisions in order to redirect your life towards the one thing that truly matters - Heaven in union with the Blessed Trinity, Our Most Holy Mother, and all of the Saints forever! For more information , please contact or call Bro. Esteban at (313) 778-1498. There is a limited space and the deadline to register is Wednesday, May 27, 2015.


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