Sunday, May 17, 2015

Pics from last Sunday at Assumption Grotto

May Crowning, First Holy Communion, and some grotto spring stock photos...

I am delayed getting these pictures up.  I did not take them all.  Parishioner Jeff W., who has helped me in my understanding of Canon EOS camera settings, and whose daughter was making her First Communion, sent me some of his photos at my request.  At Assumption Grotto, First Holy Communion and May Crowning take place on the same day.  It also happens to be Mother's Day.

First, the May Crowning. It had to take place indoors this year due to threat of rain.  It turned out quite nice, but you would not have known that when Mass was about to start.  I was hoping we would still be outdoors and took just my little GoPro hoping for some nice video footage. It has an option to capture video + pics and you can set the interval for photos.  In the right conditions it can capture some nice 12 megapixel snapshots.  I had that option running when I raised it on a an extender, but I was too far away to really see what was going on.  Here is one snapshot of Jeff raising his daughter Angelina who placed the crown on Mary.

Here are three pictures from Jeff, taken after Mass.  Fr. Perrone prohibits photography during distribution of First Holy Communion; even I honor this.  So, he has the children come to the altar rail after Mass and he uses un-consecrated hosts.  The parents come up and take pictures.

There were boys, but they were to the left.  Lots of girls this year.

Way down at the other end, you can see some boys.

A good spot for a First Holy Communion picture.

After Mass, the sun was out.  I took the GoPro down by the grotto area to take a few pictures now that the leaves were filling in and some light clouds were there for contrast against the deep blue sky.

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