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Full, official translation of Bishop Perić homily in Medjugorje available


On May 15, just over 80 candidates received the Sacrament of Confirmation from Bishop Ratko Perić in Medjugorje. Soon after, English language, pro-Medjugorje sites circulated an excerpt or two, which was botched by an apparent Google translate.  When I put the Croatian text into that translator, I got nearly the same thing that I saw floating around. With the little Croatian that I can remember, it did not seem right.  I think people do the best they can, but when something sounds really bad, it's really better to wait for a more authentic translation so that the wrong words are not attributed to someone.  I would ask websites and blogs using the bad translation to offer the official translation.

Here is the paragraph in question. I've changed the text color to green, and underlined them in two places for followup comment.  I have them numbered in case that formatting doesn't appear in RSS feed readers.

     - And he makes us see that the unity of the Spirit and the bond of peace is more important than any personal talent, more than untamable charisms, more than locutions in unknown tongues, more than falling on the ground (1), more than messages twice a month and more than tenfold secrets. Our faith is based on the foundation of the Bible and Tradition, interpreted by the living Magisterium of the Church, and not on private visions(2) that are all the more inauthentic, the more they claim to appear three times a day.

So, lets look at those two items:

  1. "Falling on the Ground."  A friend in Croatia, Marilena, explains: "...he means resting in Spirit, quite a common thing these days in Croatia too, charismatic priests laying hands on people and they fall on the floor taken by the Spirit
  2. "Private visions." Marilena notes here: [He] uses the word priviđenje which is more like seeing something, when something appears to you. It's not as hallucination nor as apparition, it [is] more negative than an apparition but not as negative as hallucinations. 

Bishop Perić gave an excellent homily, based on Sacred Scripture, and the theme was unity within the Church.  There is a great deal of stuff there, if you read carefully.

Without further delay, please read the entire homily in English for the proper translation and for full context.  For my Italian readers, here is the Italian.


Sidenote: The CDF is continuing to clamp down on the activities of alleged visionaries in other countries, this time in Sestola, Italy.


I'm looking forward to the Holy Father's trip to Bosnia-Herzegovina this coming Saturday.  I hope to blog on it then.  Medjugorje is not anticipated to factor into that and I pray that everyone focuses on the Pope, his message, and the needs of that country.

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+Photo at top: "Ratko Perić" by Zvonimir Ćorić, The Catholic news agency of the Bishops' Conference of Bosnia and Herzegovina - Licensed under Attribution via Wikimedia Commons -

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