Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas! Some photos and video from Assumption Grotto

Merry Christmas to all of my readers.  Here is a short video of the Blessing of the Nativity as Midnight Mass got underway in the extraordinary form.  I began recording as the second verse of Silent Night was being sung.  You can go to the settings (gear icon in lower left) and change it over to HD for a better quality.  This was taken with my new Canon EOS 70D, which I've been pretty happy with after the 40D broke a gear.

Here are a few photos from last night.  I had to use a really high ISO with the added darkness so they will be more grainy and have less clarity on close-ups, but these will do.

Here is Fr. Perrone conducting the choir and orchestra. What few empty seats there were could have been filled to standing room only if the choir were not in the risers.

After Midnight Mass, many crowded around the Nativity, including these two religious sisters who live near the parish.

A short time later, three priests came out to each celebrate a pair of private low Masses at each of the three altars.  With the Nativity in the foreground you see one private Mass at the main altar.

There was another at the Sacred Heart Altar

And at the Altar of the Blessed Virgin Mary. A small number of people remain behind, as in past years, to pray silently during these Masses happening around 2 AM.

In this shot, you see all three Masses taking place at the same time.

As a parting shot, this is the Spanish Infant sitting under my small Christmas Tree last night.

To see more photos, check out my gallery for Midnight Mass 2014 at Assumption Grotto.


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