Friday, November 14, 2014

Feasts of All Carmelite Saints and All Carmelite Souls

It is ordinary time, but a special day for Carmelites. Today is the feast of All Carmelite Saints for those within the order and I wish all of my fellow Carmelites a blessed feast day.  

On the Church's feast of All Saints on November 1st, we remember most of all, those saints whom are not named. The Church elevates certain saints, giving them a place in liturgical celebrations, but there are many more who enter eternal life as saints whom we do not know of, from monks and religious in monasteries to ordinary homeless people we might have passed on the street every day.

Likewise, in the Carmelite order there are known saints with specified feast dates. But, there are also unknown saints  - men and women who lived and died holy lives, but who have no place in the liturgical calendar.  We remember them today and invoke their assistance in our pursuit of holiness.  We can also remember the many saints who already are acknowledged in the liturgical calendar today.

Not having but a few minutes, I looked around the web for posts made by others and found a beautiful one written at the blog, Salve Sancte Mater Dei about Carmelite saints.  It is from November 14 of 2012 and also covers the feast of All Carmelite Souls which is on November 15th, where we pray for all deceased Carmelites still in purgatory.  Go read: For all the Saints, who from their labor rest: Two Carmelite feasts.

Even if you are not a Carmelite, please offer a prayer today for their assistance, and offer a prayer tomorrow for all Carmelites in purgatory.


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