Friday, October 10, 2014

Letter from one dying woman to another: A powerful appeal to let God choose time of death

By now you have probably heard about Brittany Maynard, who was given six months to live after receiving a terminal diagnosis, and who just moved to Oregon to commit physician assisted suicide.
Kara Tippetts is a wife and mother of four, who is also terminal, with breast cancer that has broken the blood and brain barrier. She is choosing to let God determine when her life will end.  She writes a letter to Brittany, and it was hosted at another blog. I think it's the most powerful living witness in support of choosing life, I've seen.

Everyone has God-given free will.  Kara Tippetts appeals to Brittany's free will with an open letter.  Let's pray she discovers it and considers the appeal to choose life.  I pray also that others in similar situations can benefit from Kara's appeal.

Go read Kara Tippett's letter to Brittany at the blog of Ann Voskamp.  The background story and the letter are all there.


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